The company is intentionally located in Dabrowka Wlkp. (Zbaszynek commune) because of the following reasons:

1. The institution is located near to the railroad station, outside the residential area .

2. The institution is located about 7 kilometers (4 miles) from the Frankfurt – Warsaw (through Poznan) freeway exit.

3. Appropriate employees can be found in the nearest area

Dabrowka Wielkopolska is a large village, located 3 kilometers (2miles) north from Zbaszynek, by the road and railroad track leading to Miedzyrzecz. It is an old Slavonic, defend-typed village (oval) with a characteristic inner plan. It is one of the numerous villages in the area that never got Germanized by the invaders. Native Poles were always the majority - in 1939, out of 1287 tenants 986 were Polish. Despite the efforts to Germanize the village, the Poles were able to keep their language and culture. In 1973 the village was honored with the II class Cross of Grundwald in appreciation for War contribution.